CUSTOMERS will be able to post their parcels and letters at 5.30am at the revamped Westlands Drive post office counter in Headington, Oxford.

Services will be available for 81 hours a week and at lunchtimes, which is an extra 48.5 hours per week.

Staff at the post office in Martin’s Newsagents, which reopened on Friday, have announced that the counter will no longer close on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.

The branch, which is one of the post office’s new local branches, reopened last week with a new post office till and longer opening hours.

It will offer services throughout the shop’s opening hours from 5.30am to 6pm on Mondays to Saturdays and from 7am to 1pm on Sundays.

Post office spokesman Cathal Wogan said: “The counter will be open-plan, which means there will be no big glass screen. This will be at the newsagent’s retail counter, which means that at 5.30am customers will be able to send a parcel, tax their car and buy a newspaper all at the same time.”

Post Office area manager Mark Jacobs said: “We understand how important a post office is to residents in Westlands Drive. We are confident this new modern post office service will meet the needs of the local community and secure services for the future.”