MOST children have to pester their parents for a new video game but Tyriah Allison can just make her own – at the age of 11.

The Jericho youngster is such a master of games, apps and websites using six types of coding programmes that she has given presentations to executives at some of the world’s biggest technology companies.

And now she is passing on her knowledge to other Oxford youngsters as the world’s youngest person leading a Coder Dojo group.

The St Michael’s Primary School pupil said: “I like bringing my imagination to life and making games.

“It’s good that I can make stuff. I have this idea in my head and I can actually make it happen.

“If you learn when you’re young then that puts you in a better position for when you’re older.”

Tyriah first got involved with coding when she was nine after she asked her mother Pat, a former programmer and network analyst, if she could have new video games for her Nintendo DSi.

The youngster said: “My mum got annoyed and said ‘you can make your own games’. I asked how and she told me I could do it through programming and explained what it was.”

Ms Allison, who has three other children, has taken Tyriah to coding network Young Rewired State’s Festival of Code for the past two years.

It is a week-long event in the summer holidays that develops young people’s coding skills, and Tyriah’s group created their own website called Top Tweets, which shows the most popular activity on Twitter.

She was then invited to BBC Broadcasting House to give a presentation on “how coding is not hard” to executives from companies including Universal Studios, Sony and Google.

Tyriah can now use programming languages including HTML, JavaScript, Scratch, cascading style sheets (CSS), C programming and Python.

She had made an interactive game app controlling animal characters and a chef who has to catch falling food. The youngster has also made websites for herself and others offering dental advice and cooking tips.

Tyriah was invited by Coder Dojo, a not-for-profit organisation that brings young coders together, to set up her own group in Oxford.

The group, which was launched on Saturday, March, 29, is based in games and technology company NaturalMotion’s St Ebbe’s Street headquarters.

Each week, Tyriah leads sessions to help about 15 other youngsters learn coding skills. She is the world’s youngest person in the role out of more than 300 groups.


  • Tyriah has designed a “Top Tweets” website, where a user types in a hashtag or subject line and the site tells them the top three most retweeted or favourited Twitter posts.
  • After watching the BBC wildlife programme Hidden Kingdoms, she was inspired to create an interactive game where users can control animals.
  • In her game Food Fetcher, users control a chef who has to catch falling food to eat. They must prevent him from getting too fat or thin.
  • She has also created websites called Dental Central, which provides guidance on dental health, Dynamite Cooking, which offers cooking tips for cakes and biscuits, and another website about herself.