Florist Lucy Bartlett has sown the seeds of a future career after running her own pop-shop.

Ms Bartlett, 21, set up shop inside interior design store Annie Sloan for the Mother’s Day weekend and now hopes her business will bloom.

She said: “I’ve only done Christmas markets before. I hope it will become a real business some day, I’ve had really positive feedback and I’m very enthusiastic.”

Miss Bartlett, who lives off Iffley Road in East Oxford, has always had a love of flowers.

She added: “My grandmother adored flowers and knew all their Latin names. Through her garden I came to love them as well.

“I did an art foundation course, and my work was always expressing my love of nature. I’ve worked in a florist shop in London and here in Oxford.

“I’ve always had floristry in my sights.”

Miss Bartlett, who was a student at D’Overbroeck’s College, tries to source her stock from local sources, some of them very close to home.

“I’ll use seasonal flowers like roses and tulips, and beautiful greens with foliage. I grow flowers in my garden and my dad’s garden and friends are helping too.”