“EYESORE” toilets have now been partially covered up after funding from Queen of the High Street Mary Portas.

Screens costing £20,000 have been up around the toilets in the Kidlington Piazza.

Residents had complained that the dated toilets were an eyesore in the village. 

And the wooden screens have now been put up around the toilets.

Vice-chairman of Kidlington Parish Council David Robey said: “I am certainly pleased with what has happened.

“We thought it would make the area more attractive and become a gateway to the High Street.”

The parish council used its share of a £20,000 grant from a Government fund inspired by a report by retail expert Mary Portas.

Mr Robey added: “Cherwell District Council will be putting up hanging baskets to make the whole area look more attractive. This is a great thing for the High Street and will make the Piazza a pleasant place for people to sit.”

The renovations in the centre of Kidlington are part of a Cherwell District Council project to boost town centre trade.

But one Kidlington resident has said that the High Street did not need the changes.

Ray Bannister said: “I think the High Street is good at the moment. My daughter lives there and I think it looks ok.

“Perhaps the screen might help, but I think the flowers we have at the moment are fine. The only thing that might make more people come to Kidlington is if we had more shops with a more distinctive character. We need some specialist shops, but I think Kidlington is ok as it is.”

The council is investing tens of thousands of pounds into Banbury, Bicester and Kidlington, which has been funded by the Government’s £100,000 Town Centre Innovation Fund. Kidlington has used its £20,000 allocation to construct the partial screening for the toilet block. The money will also be used to fund ‘Welcome to Kidlington’ visitor information guides.

Councillor Tim Emptage said: “The project will certainly enhance the area. The screens will disguise something which was a bit of an eyesore. “ The Kidlington South district councillor said that he had received complaints about the toilets since he has been a councillor.

He added: “Apart from this, there will be hanging baskets and planters on the floor.

“The main reason for the project is to make the area more attractive and to encourage people to shop in Kidlington.”