A MOTHER-of-four who lived with no heating for more than a year has finally had her problem fixed after the Oxford Mail got involved.

Monica Thomas’ story of problems with a faulty heating system at her home in Cowley was published in January.

And this week the housing association A2Dominion has replaced the system and cleared her debt of more than £2,000.

Ms Thomas, who lives in Salesian Gardens with her four children aged eight, five, four and two, said: “I am just so overwhelmed, it has really changed my life.

“Things are back to normal and I can finally feel like my house is my home.

“My kids keep saying ‘mummy touch the radiator’. We are so happy.”

The 25-year-old said they had previously been without heating since January last year.

The problems were thought to be caused by a NIBE heating system, which had featured on the BBC’s Rip Off Britain programme in which Angela Rippon reported that users were suffering extraordinarily high energy bills.

That was replaced in February 2012 with gas central heating and a pre-payment meter by Ms Thomas’ energy supplier, but her gas was cut off due to thousands of pounds of accumulated debt – which she alleged was racked up by the wasteful NIBE system.

In January she told the Oxford Mail: “It is a four-bedroom house but the kids have to sleep together in the smallest room or they would be too cold. I have tried and tried to sort this out, but it feels like it will be like this forever.”

At the time, A2Dominion said it would put an action plan together to help Ms Thomas.

And on Thursday that finally came together.

After speaking to a complaints manager about six weeks ago, Ms Thomas said her heating debts were wiped on the same day.

Following a meeting repairs were scheduled and by Monday workers had arrived to overhaul the heating system.

The issue had also affected some of Ms Thomas’ neighbours, who have had their systems replaced as well.

Ms Thomas said: “I was ready to give up. If it was not for the Oxford Mail article and my neighbours who kept calling A2Dominion, then I do not know what would have happened.”

John Turner, A2Dominion’s Assistant Director of Property Services, said: “All works have now been completed to replace the previous heating system with a new one, which will be more cost effective and easier to use.

“If residents would like to discuss any issues with us, we would encourage them to get in touch.”

  • If you have been affected by similar problems to Ms Thomas, get in touch with the Oxford Mail on 01865 425500.