AN independent city councillor has called for new measures to cut congestion in Oxford after carrying out his own traffic survey.

Marston city councillor Mick Haines has recorded a rise in the number of vehicles driving through the area since 2012.

Mr Haines, from Croft Road, counted 1,659 vehicles travelling along Marsh Lane between 7.15am and 10am on Monday.

In his annual traffic survey, the councillor has recorded a steady rise in commuters using the road to travel to work at a number of different destinations, including the John Radcliffe Hospital and the city centre.

On December 12, 2012, the councillor counted 1,120 vehicles driving along the road.

This rose to 1,474 vehicles on May 7, 2013.

The councillor said: “I’m concerned about the new houses being built at Barton Park. I’m concerned that if more traffic comes in through Marsh Lane, we’re going to be gridlocked all the time.”

The councillor hopes that decisions are made to improve roads in the area before planning proposals for the Barton Park development are fully approved.

Plans for the 885-home site, proposed by developer Grosvenor, are being finalised with the support of Oxford City Council.

Roy Darke, Labour city councillor for Headington Hill and Northway, said: “I believe that the county council has done some modelling on the possible impact.

“Modelling will have to make assumptions about where future residents will work, and what kind of public transport provision evolves to meet the demands from a new resident population.”

Old Marston Parish Council chairman Charlie Haynes called for more traffic calming measures in Old Marston and said: “We have been concerned with the traffic situation through the village and Marsh Lane for many years and have had various meetings with the county council over this issue to see what could be done.”