TODDLERS got their hands dirty when they took part in outdoor activities at an East Oxford community garden.

Kangaroo Playgroup raised £150 in a fun day at Barracks Lane Community Garden, where it meets.

Organiser Amber Hatch said the money will pay for 10 weeks rent at the attraction.

Activities included painting, drawing on pavements using chalk, cooking sausages on open fires, face painting, playing in a sandpit and wheelbarrow rides. There was also a “swap shop” where parents could recycle their children’s clothes.

She said: “For some children it was the first time they had ever been around an open fire.”

Mina Samangooei, 28, from Marston, took two-year-old son Kiaa Chung, and said: “It was really fun and the first time he was using chalk to draw so we decided we should get him some chalk to use in the garden.

“He really enjoyed getting his hands dirty.”