NEILL Cameron still can’t quite believe his job – cartoonist in residence at Oxford’s Story Museum.

His first job has been illustrating an exhibition which will welcome visitors to the museum when it reopens in April.

For the exhibition, entitled 26 Characters, the museum worked with 26 children’s authors, from Terry Pratchett to Neil Gaiman. Each had their photograph taken while dressed as their favourite children’s character.

Mr Cameron’s job has been to make cartoon illustrations to go with each portrait. He is pictured drawing a comic strip to go with the photograph of former children’s laureate, Michael Rosen, dressed as his favourite character from German folklore, Till Eulenspiegel.

Mr Cameron, 36, who lives in East Oxford, said: “The story is basically The Emperor’s New Clothes.

“Till claims he is a great and famous artist and gets paid a lot of money to paint a portrait of the prince.

“But he says only the true and noble of character can actually see the portrait, so, when he unveils the canvas and it is completely blank, no one wants to admit they can’t see it.”

The exhibition is due to officially open on Saturday, April 5, and will run until November.