SMELLING the after-effects of smoking was not a barrel full of laughs for one student at Wheatley Park School.

Head boy Matthew Foster leant in for a sniff and said “It was absolutely horrible.”

The 17-year-old, from Wheatley, boarded Oxfordshire Smoking Advice Service’s health bus when it visited the school yesterday.

The service provides information about the dangers of smoking.

Matthew said: “I have seen the health bus every time it has come to the school.

“Friends have had the breath test. It really makes you think about the cost of smoking.

“I think it showed people about the dangers that smoking cause.”

The health bus has been invited to the school for the last four years and visited again ahead of today’s No Smoking Day.

School student support manager Julie Jones said: “If you smoke when you’re young you get addicted and it is hard to give up.

“The effect on you and your health is terrible.”