WE often take our brains for granted, but scientists across Oxford are hoping to change that.

The University of Oxford is marking this week’s Brain Awareness Week by presenting a series of interactive demonstrations suitable for everyone aged six and over.

Visitors to the Museum of the History of Science on Broad Street can find out how to visualise speech sounds, try to move an object using brainwaves, test reaction times and memory, and investigate the function of the different brain regions.

Dr Chrystalina Antoniades is a senior research fellow at the university, and focuses her work on Parkinson’s disease.

She said: “We want to engage everyone from all areas of the public, especially school students.

“We hope to inspire them to think about following a career in science and show them that science is fun and rewarding, rather than just boring.”

The 32-year-old said she was delighted with how Brain Awareness Week had been going: “It’s been very busy.”

  • Family friendly drop-in sessions are running until Friday from noon-5pm, and on Sunday from 2pm-5pm.