SHE regularly handles the heat behind the bar in Botley, Oxford, but now this landlady is preparing herself for a much warmer challenge.

Tracy Dennell, who works at the Seacourt Bridge, has her toes poised and her feet ready for a charity fire walk in aid of the children’s charity SpecialEffect.

Ms Dennell, 36, from Botley, said: “I am worried about stepping out on to hot coals. But when they offered me a space, I thought I’m never going to get the chance to do it again.

The mother-of-three will take part in the fire walk at the Oxford City Stadium in Marsh Lane, Marston, next Saturday and is preparing herself for the challenge as best as she can.

Ms Dennell often walks barefoot around the house, and said: “Occasionally I go outside with bare feet.

“I will walk four or five metres on the coals. It is quite a difference.”

The landlady will be supported by her three children Alanta, 19, Danny, 18, and Faith, eight.

She joked: “While I’ll be being taught how to fire walk, everyone else can enjoy a day in the food and beer tents.”

The Seacourt Bridge will also be hosting a family fun day in April in aid of SpecialEffect, which is based in Charlbury.

Ms Dennell hopes to raise £700 for the charity, which helps disabled children build confidence through therapy and rehabilitation.

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