ART lovers can catch a glimpse of a new display at Modern Art Oxford that brings together an exhibition of works by British artist Hannah Rickards for the first time.

Modern Art Oxford Director Paul Hobson explained his feelings on the concept behind the artist’s work, as he admired the exhibition, which opened on Pembroke Street last month.

Mr Hobson said: “Hannah’s artwork allows us a space to reflect on our experiences of natural phenomena.”

And Miss Rickards, 34, said: “Everything within this exhibition is to do with an uncertainty in language and how we might try to articulate a relationship to something beyond us in the world: musically, verbally, gesturally.”

She is particularly drawn to natural phenomena such as birdsong, thunder, mirage and the aurora borealis, pictured in this piece, which she examines through spatial works that take the form of moving image and sound.

The exhibition is open until Monday, April 21.

There will also be a live performance related to the exhibition on Thursday, March 13 at 6.30pm in the Edward Boyle Auditorium at Oxford University’s St Hilda’s College in Cowley Place.