PROTESTERS took to the streets of Headington on Saturday to voice anger over the state of London Road.

About 50 people marched down the pothole-strewn road with placards from Green Road roundabout to Bury Knowle Park for an hour from 11am.

Conservative-led Oxfordshire County Council last Monday agreed to a £1.3m summer resurfacing from the roundabout to Wharton Road.

But Liberal Democrat county councillor for Headington and Quarry Roz Smith is leading calls for a rebuild. She said: “We had a lot of support during the hour we were out. Lots of people were talking to us, and joining as we went.”

She said: “I’ve heard from people who have said when they are on the Brookes bus they have hit their head when the bus has hit a pothole.

“And on Saturday, someone told me after hitting a pothole on London Road they are facing a £1,700 bill.”

She said it should get the type of extensive work carried out in Iffley Road for 13 months from May 2011, costing £2.5m.

She added: “It is going to cost more than resurfacing but when other costs are factored in it is sensible.”

Fellow Lib Dem Ruth Wilkinson, a member for Headington on Oxford City Council, said: “On the walk we found a pothole where you can see the soil underneath the road surface.

Buses veer out of the way of puddles and the trouble is when it rains people can’t see the dangers.”

She said: “It is unlikely this work will be completed until September, and there is always the possibility it will be delayed. People are losing confidence. A permanent solution needs to be found.”

The work is due to start in May for three to four months and will include extensions to the bus and cycle lanes.

Yet Conservative cabinet member for highways David Nimmo Smith said: “The officers recommend this is appropriate action. Council officers are the professionals when it comes to this.”