ARTISTS proudly displayed sculptures and paintings as they looked forward to Headington Art Weeks.

Festival coordinator Jean Wykes joined fellow artists to publicise the event.

Artists took over Barclays Bank for a pop-up art show on Monday.

Ms Wykes, from Kennett Road, Headington, said: “I am very pleased with how it went. People had their portraits done by me and it was very upbeat. We’re looking forward to the next pop-up event in March.

“The theme of this year’s launch is Heads of Headington, so I was in the bank doing portraits and most of the artwork that people brought involved heads.”

One of the artists whose work was on display was Martin Smith, whose sculptures won him the 2013 Mary Moser Award for people who have taken up art as a career change.

The pop-up exhibition also featured pastel portraits by Mark Bryant, wildlife and travel photography by Ross MacKenzie and mosaics by Clare Goodall.

Headington Art Weeks will take place from May 17 to 26 as part of Oxfordshire Art Weeks.