A TEENAGER has been picked to open a leading geology event at the University Museum of Natural History.

Theo Godfrey, 15, from Chadlington, will give the opening presentation at the Oxford Colloquium in recognition of his contribution to the Oxford Geology Group, which is helping organise the event on Saturday and Sunday, March 8 and 9.

Theo said he was thrilled to have been chosen, adding: “Geology is at the root of many news stories, from erupting volcanoes in Indonesia and Ecuador, to how water drains – or doesn’t – in the Somerset Levels, and sinkholes in Buckinghamshire.

“So although it might at times seem academic, it’s relevant.”

Six talks will follow Theo’s presentation.

Speakers include TV broadcaster Prof Iain Stewart and Prof Jenny Clack, from Cambridge. There will be fringe events including the Oxford Young Geoscientist of the Year award and a Geology of Beer Festival.

The controversial technique of fracking will among topics to be debated.

Tickets are available from the museum shop or by emailing events@oxgg.org.uk

A full programme of events is available at ogg.uk.com