Rosanna Sangiorgio and Emil Harris, both seven, had noisy fun making gongs at a new project at a city playground.

City music project Re-resonate was brought in by South Oxford Adventure Playground for the new project, which started on Monday. Youngsters made their own gongs, and the sounds they made were then digitally recorded at the Whitehouse Road playground. They also made a gong stand.

St Ebbe’s Primary School pupil Emil attended with brother Ruben and mum Beccy, of Grandpont.

The mother said: “We had a great time. The guys were great. They were really child friendly.”

Re-resonate composer Ashton Mills, who is running the sessions with Jonny Wild, said: “It was a really good start. It went really well.”

The project will run for six weeks, with the next session on Monday from 3.15pm.