FLOOD response equipment has been removed from Abingdon Road and Botley Road in Oxford.

The fire and rescue service yesterday withdrew the high-volume pumps stationed on the two routes.

They have now been moved to a holding area at Rewley Road fire station.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue spokesman Rob MacDougall said: “River levels have now peaked and are dropping in Oxfordshire and the weather forecast does not indicate sustained bad weather.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Simon Furlong added: “We want to reassure people that our equipment will continue to be based very close to both the Abingdon and Botley Roads. We will be able to redeploy it very quickly if necessary.”

Fire crews worked around the clock to pump water away from properties along the main roads into Oxford during the flooding earlier this month.

Elsewhere, two roads in Oxfordshire have been reopened after weeks of flooding problems. London Lane in Ascott-under-Wychwood, which links the village with the A361, and the road passing through North Weston to Shabbington were both reopened yesterday.

Despite the roads returning to normal, residents have been advised to keep up their flood defences in case of rising water levels.

Mr Furlong said: “The change from a heightened state of alert to normality is likely to be very gradual and will depend on weather conditions in coming weeks.”

More rain is forecast for today.