THE experiences of people struggling to find work are revealed in Dario Sanz Padilla’s new photography exhibition at the Jam Factory in Oxford.

The Spanish photographer’s exhibition Relocation is inspired by the people he meets on the streets and their journeys looking for jobs in the UK.

The 28-year-old Oxford resident, pictured, said of his subjects: “Most of them are friends of mine, who are professionals with qualifications.”

One picture is of a former theology student.

Mr Sanz Padilla said: “She has a degree and is ready to work in that field, but had to move abroad because she couldn’t get a job in Spain.

“All these stories address real lives. It is about people who actually come here to work and do as much as they can to get to where they want to go. .”

The exhibition on Hollybush Row runs until Sunday, March 23, and also features travel photos.

Mr Sanz Padilla said: “I am keeping my eyes open, trying to enjoy myself as much as I can, freezing life in frames.”