A CHURCH in Blackbird Leys is one step closer to necessary renovations thanks to a donation from a local business.

Deltys, the Nisa shop in Blackbird Leys Road, has donated £500 towards replacing electrical wiring throughout the building of the Church of the Holy Family opposite.

The church discovered in the autumn that its wiring does not comply with current regulations, and needs approximately £12,000 to replace it.

The church is waiting to hear if Wren, the organisation that distributes landfill taxes as charitable donations, will make a grant of £8,000 to cover most of the cost.

Russell Price, the church secretary, said: “Part of Wren’s application process was to approach various local people to see if they would support our application. We went to Deltys, and instead they offered a donation.”

Every Nisa shop has a Making a Difference Locally fund. The money comes from the purchase of certain goods in the shop that change every week; every time someone buys one of them, 2p goes into the pot.

Shop manager Paul Whitman said: “Two pence may not sound like much but it builds up.

“In the past we’ve given it to schools for play equipment and to football teams.”

The 54-year-old said: “It’s supposed to go to things that will help our local residents, and we like to give it out as soon as it gets to a sizeable amount. If someone comes to us, then we will obviously consider them, but often we just approach people and donate.

“When Russell came to us we knew that we wanted to give what we could. The church is used by a lot of our customers and it’s important that we support that.”

Mr Price, 68, said: “We are aware that the church is valued by a lot of people in the community. We’re always pleasantly surprised when we do get gifts.”

Church trustees chairwoman Sasha East said: “The gift of £500 is great news. It was unexpected and shows Deltys’ commitment to the people of Blackbird Leys”.

The Rev Heather Carter added: “This cheque has come at the right time. It is a sign of commitment by one of Blackbird Leys main traders.

“We want to make sure our facilities, which are used by groups from throughout the community, are safe for all.”