MEMBERS of the West Oxford Bowls Club are counting the cost of damage caused by flooding.

They say the clubhouse and bowling green in Botley Road, Oxford, have been flooded since December with more water coming in this week.

The clubhouse, which was built in 1980 by members of the club, has flooded more than five times since 2000.

Lifetime member of the club, Pete Moffat, 82, said: “I would say there is 13-15 inches of water in the clubhouse. We can’t get insurance anymore.”

Bowls club chairman David Carter said: “The water levels on the playing field are about two to three foot high. We’re not likely to be able to get into the building until the middle of March.”

Last year the club, which has 35 regular members, spent £800 to rent a space heater and humidifier to clear the bowls club.

Mr Carter said: “Most of our members are in their seventies and eighties, so we can’t keep doing that every year.”

Those at the Oxford Golf Centre in Binsey Lane say they are equally concerned by the rising waters but owner Mark Walker said: “ We are hoping to be open tomorrow if the water keeps on dropping at the rate that it is.”