A GROUP of horses have become stranded on Port Meadow, Oxford, after flood waters crept up around them.

Some members of the public say they are worried for the 29 horses’ welfare.

The area is managed by the Oxford Freemen, which previously raised the meadow as a refuge for animals in times of flooding, but it was only intended to be used for a few days at a time, and they say the horses have been stranded since last month’s flooding.

Alison Cobb, of the Oxford Freemen, said: “We don’t know who owns them, but they seem to be grazing constantly. There’s no grass left.”

Jane Hobden, who lives in Wolvercote, said: “They follow you around the field, hoping for food.

However, Michael Buck, chairman of the Commoner’s Committee said: “They are owned by around five Commoners, and they are looked after. If things get really bad then we can take them off to stables.”