MORE residents were rescued from Thameside Court Caravan Park in Bablockhythe, near Northmoor, yesterday as flood waters rose.

The fire service has helped more than 20 people get out of the site since the water started rising at the weekend.

It is the second time in five weeks occupants of the site have been affected by floods.

Fire crews used a floating sledge and a rescue boat to get people to safety.

Couple Peggy, 81, and Leonard Rixon, 84, who have lived in the park for 14 years, had to leave yesterday to stay with their grandaughter in Northmoor.

They had to leave their home in the 2007 floods but yesterday said they had left through their own choice.

Mrs Rixon said: “In 2007, when the emergency services rushed us out, we had to leave. This time people have just left on their own.”

One resident of the park, who wanted to remain anonymous, has decided to stay put.

He said: “We’re going to stick it out. After 2007 they rebuilt our home higher up and with better flooring, so the water won’t get inside this time.”

He added: “My wife and I have lived here since 1980. We’re older now and don’t want to be messed about. It upsets you.”