ROSE Hill could benefit from a parish council, according to the chairman of the estate’s tenants’ and residents’ association.

Ray James, who lives in Mortimer Road, believes that it would give Rose Hill a bigger voice in Oxford.

Part of the estate voted to leave Littlemore Parish Council in 2004, because they felt they were not represented by it.

Mr James told the Oxford Mail: “There are a number of issues as to why I think a parish council is a good idea.

“It would give us a more formal place in the hierarchy of local bodies for a start.

“We in our council tax have a precept. Part of that goes towards funding a parish council.

“The funding for associations like ours comes out of rent revenue account and not precept account.

“Strangely enough, we can’t vote on how we spend the money, only tenants can.

“There are less council houses being rented on the estate which has reduced our income.”

A parish council is democratically elected once every four years and on average has 12 councillors.

The council can raise a precept, which is collected by the district council as part of the council tax.

Mr James added: “I think it is a good idea both for the recognition and funding.

“Our voice would be more effective.”

In 2004, 222 Rose Hill residents voted to leave Littlemore parish against 169 who voted to stay in.

Only part of the estate was in the parish and the 24 roads affected included part of Ashhurst Way, Asquith Road and part of Desborough Crescent.

Comments received from residents at the time said that they were paying the precept to Littlemore Parish but they did not feel represented.

Rose Hill councillor Ed Turner said: “This is an interesting idea.

“I am not sure how people will feel paying extra council tax for local facilities.

“If there is enthusiasm for it, it could work well but you would need a good core of volunteers.”

Those who want a new parish council must obtain the support of 10 per cent of the electorate via a petition to trigger a community governance review.

The petition is then handed in to the city council.

It should have a map attached outlining the area of the proposed new parish.

The secretary of state will receive the petition.

There is no time limit on how long it will take before a decision is made.