THE deputy headteacher of Henry Box School in Witney has praised staff, students and parents for remaining calm despite the current norovirus outbreak.

David Bell said: "Staff have really gone the extra mile and students have been sensible and calm throughout.

"We have also had lots of support from parents - so we are really pleased with the response from the community."

A deep clean was conducted throughout the school last night, he added, and another will be done tonight. 

Mr Bell said: "Our cleaners were fantastic and stayed late to finish the job.

"We will continue to handle this in the best way we can and follow advice given to us by Public Health England."

The number of teachers taken ill has now risen to 25 and the winter vomiting bug is reported to have struck more than 100 pupils.

Years nine and 10 - aged 13 to 15 - have been told to stay at home, but other years remain at school.