BUSINESSES in East Oxford are being encouraged to donate to a fund to help the needy in the area after a cabbies’ firm donated £2,000.

Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Legacy Fund is looking for businesses to contribute to a pot that can be handed out to one or several charitable projects in East Oxford.

The fund’s most recent donation came from Royal Cars, a private taxi firm in Botley.

Company director Sadat Khan said: “I’m an East Oxford person myself – our office used to be there – and we know there’s a lot of poverty in that area.”

The 53-year-old continued: “I would like to channel this money towards the people I feel really need that money so I gave it to the fund.”

The fund was initiated to encourage people from all cultures and backgrounds to work together to help their communities, and is controlled by Oxfordshire Community Foundation.

Jayne Woodley, of the foundation, thanked Royal Cars for the donation. She said: “It’s a good indication that people are getting behind the fund.”

For details and to contribute to the fund call 01865 798666.