THEY have been spreading positive vibes throughout Europe, and now they are bringing it all back to Oxford.

The three-man Positive Vibes Crew, formed in Oxford in January 2011, sing, rap and DJ music from the African diaspora – reggae, Afrobeat, dubstep and jungle.

Since forming in Oxford, Shaun Michael Latchman, Garvin ‘Dan’ Jiminez and Mathew ‘MC Shumba Youth’ Mawema have taken their message to start new collectives in London and Berlin.

But this week they have returned to where it all started, and last night gave a free show for their home city fans at Blanco night club in Cowley Road.

Founder member Shaun, born in Jamaica, said: “We started off as solo artists in Oxford, running events together to fund our music, and you miss it.

“When you are living here you don’t really appreciate it as much as when you come back, and you just walk down Cornmarket Street and take in the energy.

“We wanted to do the gig at Blancos to give something back to our community, and we’re really excited about it.”

Listen to more of their music.