A REPORT commissioned by Cowley-based charity Oxfam says giving to charity was the thing that most lifted people’s spirits in 2013.

The research shows charitable giving was better than national sporting victories, the summer weather and the birth of the royal baby.

It was commissioned to mark the launch of Oxfam’s new fundraising campaign, Lift Lives for Good.

Oxfam’s chief executive Mark Goldring said: “2013 was a big year for charitable giving, especially with the unbelievable generosity of the British public in response to the typhoon in the Philippines.

“We are extremely heartened by the results of this survey. At a time when money is tight it’s wonderful to see that people are getting a boost from helping others.”

According to the research, 70 per cent of the people surveyed said that supporting a charity was the thing that had boosted their spirits most in 2013, with the summer coming in at a close second with 62 per cent.

Over half – 60 per cent – chose Andy Murray’s triumph at Wimbledon as the uplifting moment of 2013 and 52 per cent chose Mo Farah winning double gold at the Athletics World Championships.

Researchers did not tell participants that the research was commissioned by a charity to avoid influencing the results.

The Lift Lives for Good campaign aims to inspire the UK public about what their support for Oxfam can achieve.

To donate £4, text LIFT to 70064 or visit oxfam.org.uk/lift for more information.