A warming bowl of soup means more than just a meal for these ladies in Oxford, who hope to attract new faces to their monthly meetings.

A group of eight women meet up every month at Edith Kempson House, in Chapel Lane, Littlemore, for a shared meal and chat.

Pat Goode, who organises the lunches, said that if they could attract more numbers, they would like to begin to hold the get-togethers on a weekly basis.

She said: “These things take time, but we’re hoping to get in a good number of local people – we want to expand.”

The Littlemore resident added: “If we can get people to meet up every week, it means there’s a community activity to do during the day for people who don’t work.”

As well as having a chat, Mrs Goode said: “Soup only costs £1.50, and I donate that to charity. Plus it’s a real, nourishing meal.”