A HEROIN user who had made several attempts to take his own life died a drug-related death, an inquest heard.

David Ridley, 28, of Croxford Gardens, Kidlington, was found dead at his home by a friend on July 15.

Needles were found near his body and forensic toxicologist, Dr Colin Seneviratne, found morphine, ketamine and alcohol in his bloodstream.

The inquest at Oxford Coroner’s Court on Wednesday heard in a statement from Oxford community psychiatric nurse Anna Tutin how Mr Ridley had a history of cocaine and heroin use.

GP Kyle Knox, of Summertown Health Centre, said in a statement that Mr Ridley had made several attempts to take his own life.

Consultant pathologist Dr Sanjiv Manek at the John Radcliffe Hospital said the “likely” cause of death was drugs.

Coroner Darren Salter ruled that Mr Ridley had died a “drug-related death, with no evidence he intended to take his own life”.