A NURSERY which was criticised by Ofsted inspectors six months ago is expected to undergo another full inspection soon.

Blackbird Leys Nursery in Cuddesdon Way had its third monitoring visit in July after serious failings were found at the Co-operative run centre.

During the unnannounced inspection on July 11, Ofsted staff witnessed older children at the nursery hitting and throwing toys at each other and putting their hands around each other’s necks.

The findings were so alarming that the Co-operative’s facility was judged inadequate and had its registration suspended on July 15.

However, Ofsted lifted the six-week suspension on July 22 and the facility re-opened.

The Oxford Mail reported at the time there had been suspensions within the staffing team, but the Co-op would not reveal how many staff were suspended.

Now, three new members of management are joining, replacing the previous management team.

Monitoring visits take place after an inadequate rating to see how the centre is progressing. A full inspection will be made once Ofsted believes the nursery has made sufficient progress.

Beverley Kapewell, who has recently taken over as Co-op’s area manager, said Ofsted could inspect at any point. Ofsted now says the nursery has made “good improvement”.

Susan Gregory, national director, said: “The good progress made across all areas was seen to have been sustained and maintained and further good progress made in the settled calm and focussed practice of the staff group observed with children present.”

Mrs Kapewell said: “All the monitoring visits have been really positive influences in supporting the team. We have made a purposeful action plan. There has been in-depth, in-house training in aspects of early years learning with staff at the nursery.

“We are working collaboratively with Oxfordshire County Council’s early years department and many of the excellent training courses.

“All these things collectively have really helped but I think I am really pleased about the extensive, hard work at finding a new management team who will all be here by February.

The nursery is having an open day tomorrow from 11am to 2pm.