RESIDENTS in Kennington said a £1m flood defence scheme installed last year has proved a success.

Last August flood defences were put into nearby Hinksey Stream by Thames Water, including new flood walls and a 900-metre surface water sewer.

And residents said the work had improved the situation.

Before the work was carried out, water backed up when it reached the bridge over the stream as it flowed away from Oxford and caused flooding in the city.

Accountant Chris Mastroddi, 55, said: “The work has stopped it going into people’s gardens as much and has prevented it going into people’s houses.”

Husband John, who works for the Flood Alliance, said: “It has helped reduce the level of Hinksey Stream and has also prevented lots of water rushing onto Kennington Road and has helped with the railway line as well.”

The bottom of Kennington Road remained closed to residents yesterday after barriers were erected on Monday night.