CARE worker Karina Stratford rated her own bizarre recipes app-alling after cooking them for the Channel 4 TV show Come Dine With Me.

Miss Stratford, 34, from Cassington, West Oxfordshire, tried to create dishes based on the Roald Dahl story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

But she said she was disappointed with her dishes, including meat and potato cupcakes with beetroot mash and steak with chocolate and chilli sauce, followed by chocolate fondant and white chocolate mousse.

The contestants – who vote on each others dishes – agreed with her verdict and she lost out in last night’s show to Kam Parker, of Botley, who was joint winner with Connor Jones, from Chalgrove.



Winner Kam Parker

But Miss Stratford’s culinary creation still beat the food dished up by Gary Boys from Henley when the episode was filmed in July and August.

She said: “I went for a Willy Wonka theme but I didn’t practice enough and it tasted awful – it was a nightmare.

“I’m quite well known for being a good cook so it was quite a shock to see how appalling it was.

“Then I drank a bit too much wine on the night, but overall I enjoyed it. There was a bit of banter between the contestants but everyone got on quite well and I’m still in touch with everyone.”

Miss Stratford said she picked the unusual recipes to get noticed, but could not change her menu once she had been selected.

Last night she gathered with friends at the Red Lion in Cassington to watch the show.

Accountant Kam Parker, 46, from Botley, Oxford, who was joint winner of the £1,000 prize with her Punjabi meal chicken with paneer, said: “I was joint winner, so I won £500.

“Karina’s dish was adventurous but it didn’t work and did not taste nice – but I managed not to spit it out.”

Mr Jones, 20, studying law at Exeter University, cooked pork rolled in figs, Cheshire cheese and pancetta ham. He said: “I thought it was only Karina’s main course that didn’t really work – she wasn’t a bad cook and isn’t giving herself enough credit.”

Mr Boys, 44, who runs a recruitment business, offered his fellow contestants a starter of poached egg and asparagus on toast, followed by his main course, rack of lamb, seasonal vegetables and dauphinoise potatoes.

His pudding was apple crumble with rum.

He said: “I’m a bachelor and I love takeaways – I have never done any cooking before in my life so it was a great experience.”