OXFORD City Council tenants are being urged to get involved with the authority’s housing service.

There are tenant associations and city-wide groups like the tenant scrutiny panel which let tenants have a say in shaping the services the council delivers.

City councillor Scott Seamons, executive board member for housing, said: “Tenant involvement is good news for us because by talking to more tenants, it gives us a better chance of improving the services we provide.

“It can help solve local problems and help bring communities together.

“Through openness, tenants and leaseholders should be able to help choose the way their homes are managed.

“We want to work with tenants, leaseholders and residents to design, monitor and review services.”

Celia Matthews, chairman of the Oxford Tenant Scrutiny Panel, said: “Tenants often believe nothing they say will make any difference, so why bother. If I believed that I wouldn’t bother myself.

“However, I have learned from personal experience that tenants can influence the council and that the more tenants become involved the greater the influence they have.”

To find out more, contact the council on 01865 249811 or email tenantinvolvement@ oxford.gov.uk