TWO young Oxford photographers are driving across the country to document the people living in it today.

Tom Johnson, 21, and Jack Eden, 22, are exploring places as far north as Scotland and as close to home as Oxford in a 1980s motorhome as part of the ‘Another Britain’ project.

The former d’Overbroecks and Oxford & Cherwell Valley College students have been inspired by Martin Parr’s photographs of everyday Britain 30 years ago.

They decided it was time to focus on the “huge changes” in society in the years since.

Mr Johnson, from Burford and a London College of Communication student, said: “We find that the pace of change in the visual media, and all areas of society affected by technology, is both phenomenal and bewildering. We want to put a visual marker down on this.”

Mr Eden, from Bicester and a student at Falmouth University, said: “Britain is different today. There’s new technology to react to and it’s a more multicultural place.”

The photographers returned from taking pictures of a day at the races in Sheffield, worshippers at a Bradford mosque and a night out in Doncaster.

Mr Johnson said: “The people we met on the street at night produced some of the most interesting and harrowing experiences. It can get quite dangerous.”

The young photographers have been asking people to show them around their communities via social media and hope to finance the next leg of their tour through crowd funding.

They will return to their hometown at the end of June to travel around the south of England for four weeks.

“Oxford is sentimental to Jack and I because we both grew up in the area,” said Mr Johnson.

A book and an exhibition in London will showcase ‘Another Britain’ at the end of the summer.