The Oxford Mail’s parent company Newsquest Oxfordshire has launched a new service, aimed at giving growing businesses a boost. Although many businesses have their own websites, not all of them are optimized for mobile phones or tablets. The problem is that standard websites are not configured to fit into smaller browsers and that makes it difficult to read them using hand- held technology.

So Newsquest Oxfordshire is offering small and medium-sized businesses the chance to keep up with the latest developments in mobile browsing.

Lisa Wrintmore, digital manager at Newsquest Oxfordshire, said: “The market for mobile devices is exploding at the moment with 62 per cent of people in the UK owning a smartphone, 84 per cent of which use it to browse websites.

“The problem for small businesses is that 70 per cent of them do not have a website that can be viewed on a mobile device.”

Newsquest Oxfordshire’s digital media team is offering technology for small and medium-sized businesses owners to ensure their websites can be viewed easily, no matter what device visitors may be using. Digital media consultant Victoria Harding-Saunders explained: “Traditionally, when you look at a website with a mobile telephone or tablet, the view is skewed.

“Some websites shrink but are still not mobile sites and users have to pinch the screen to see something on it. But we now have a solution which overcomes this.”

Prices for delivering the mobile website start from £249 a year * For more details, contact News-quest’s digital media team on digitalmedia@ or call 01865 425262.