NEIGHBOURS living next to a new residents’ parking zone have called for similar restrictions in their streets.

People living in the Magdalen Road area were so split about proposals for the controlled parking zone (CPZ) that the area was divided into two.

Restrictions were brought in last autumn for those living to the north of the area while parking is unregulated in the south.

Three months on, residents say parking has improved where the restrictions are in place – but worsened where they are not.

Amar Latif, 29, of Warwick Street, which is outside the CPZ, said: “The people in the zone have a moral obligation to ensure that they park within that zone and don’t inflict parking pressure on neighbouring areas.”

Mum-of-two Al Chisholm, 40, of Percy Street, which is outside the CPZ, said: “There are cars parked all over the place. I was very strongly in favour for a long time of a CPZ and I still think it would be better than doing nothing.”

Rowan Tilly, 55, of Percy Street, said many cars parked on the pavement. She said: “There are definitely more cars here.”

But some residents remain against an introduction of parking restrictions south of Magdalen Road.

Dominic Woodfield, of Silver Road, said that he would not want permit parking but agreed the situation had worsened.

He said: “There has been a noticeable increase in parked cars in mine and adjoining streets, closely allied to student term times, not out of town commuters.”

The Magdalen Road (North) CPZ was brought in last November after five years of consultations and delays because of concern from residents.

Officials have revealed 393 parking tickets have since been issued.

Enforcement officers have handed out the £60 tickets – which reduce to £30 if paid within 14 days – since November 27 after a grace period where only warnings were issued.

During the three days in November, 57 tickets were issued, in December there were 183 and this reduced in January by 30 to 153.

Hurst Street resident Anthony Cheke, 67, said: “From our point of view here in Magdalen North Zone, parking is now possible and even passing in the street.”

The cost of the East Oxford CPZs is supported by £257,000 from Oxford University as part of its plans to expand its Old Road campus.

County council deputy leader Rodney Rose said: “I would like to see a complete year before I draw real observations on it. I am getting no bad feedback.”

He said the introduction of a scheme in Magdalen Road (South) was still a possibility if residents asked for it.

The Magdalen Road (North) CPZ covers roads between but not including Bullingdon Road and Magdalen Road. Permits cost £50 a year from Oxfordshire County Council. Residents get 25 free 24-hour visitor permits and are charged £16 for the next 25.