RUBY Tuckley may have helped break a world record yesterday by teaching her whole school to sign.

Ruby, 10, pictured, taught 325 people at St John’s Primary School in Wallingford the sign language lyrics to a song to break the world record for the most people signing and singing a song simultaneously.

The school was joined by Carswell Community Primary in Abingdon, nine others in Oxfordshire and more than 1,200 across the UK trying to break the world record of 114,277 people set at last year’s event.

Carswell pupils, pictured from left, are Patrick Samu, six, Dinario Norford, six, Chloe Martin, five, Molly Peck, five, and Anila Budha-Magar, five.

Ruby learnt to sign with her mum, Hannah Bullen, who has been deaf since 2008. Ruby said: “It was amazing, it went really smoothly. It was actually quite overwhelming.”

When she learnt about the record attempt, she asked the school if they could take part.

Ruby’s Year Six teacher Amanda Selman said: “She just went away and organised it. It was hugely special for the children because they felt they had learnt something new and that some people can find it difficult to communicate.”

Deaf charity Sign Health is hoping to find out whether the record was broken in the next month.