A COUPLE whose three daughters have all been treated at the Oxford Children’s Hospital are taking part in the OX5 Run for the third time.

Nathan Thomas, 38, and wife Kay, 35, signed up to take part in the OX5 Run for the Headington hospital when applications opened in December.

At the time they wanted to thank hospital staff for their care of Molly, three, and Daisy, one.

But one week later their five-week-old baby Emily was rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties from bronchiolitis and spent three nights in a high-dependency unit.

Mrs Thomas said: “It just goes to show you never know when you might need a hospital and you should never take these things for granted.

“Having a hospital like the Oxford Children’s Hospital nearby is invaluable.

“Emily going into hospital just two weeks before Christmas was terrifying. We are just so grateful she is now okay. I love my daughters so much.

“A lot of people moan about hospitals but most people need them at one point in their lives.”

Molly stopped breathing when she was 11 days old and was diagnosed with urticaria and angioedema, swelling of the deeper layers of the skin which causes severe rashes.

She now has to have regular check-ups at the hospital’s allergy clinic, but her condition is under control.

Daisy was also in hospital briefly for dehydration after a sickness bug in 2012.

The couple, of Enslow, near Kidlington, run a family business, Hilltop Chauffeurs.

Hospital spokesman Sarah Vaccari, said: “We’re delighted Nathan and Kay are once again getting a team of friends and family together to take part in the run.

“They found out no parent knows when they may need to call upon the services of the Children’s Hospital, so it really is a very important cause for the local community.

“We hope those reading will be inspired by Kay and Nathan and get their friends and colleagues taking part, too.”

l The OX5 Run, which is organised by the Oxford Mail and sponsored by Oxford-based recruitment firm Allen Associates, raised £60,000 for the Oxford Children’s Hospital last year. To enter, fill in the form, left, call 01865 743444 or go to oxfordmail.co.uk/news/ox5run