GEORGIAN music transported a Cornmarket Street bookshop back to the time of Jane Austen.

Regency-period ensemble Austentation were performing and celebrating the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice.

Singer Gillie Tunley, guitarist Angela Mayorga, and guitarist and singer Frank Underwood entertained Waterstones shoppers with music that Austen herself would have listened to on Saturday afternoon.

Gillie, from Reading, said: “It was vibrant and wonderful, really encouraging and friendly.

“We felt Jane Austen’s literary spirit hovering over us.” Jane Austen, who lived from 1775 to 1817, was also an accomplished musician.

The author played the piano and sang, may have played the guitar, and composed tunes.

The Austentation catalogue includes Greensleeves, Silent Worship from Handel’s opera Ptolemy and folk tune The Irishman.

It is believed Austen may have penned the lyrics to The Irishman, which became a 20th century hit for Lonnie Donegan, Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash.