LOCAL food was at the fore for a special community market in Oxford’s Broad Street.

For the first time, organisers of Oxford’s community markets came together to put on a big event in the city centre on Sunday.

They teamed up with the Oxford Climate Forum, which was organising a day of action, so there were about 15 food stalls and a further 15 with information about various different charities and organisations with a green ethos.

Market co-ordinator Alex Towler said: “We were highlighting the idea of local food and community- owned food not only tasting good but also a way of reducing your carbon footprint.

"We have been in discussion as to whether we can bring high-quality food into the city centre on a more regular basis.”

The event was organised under the banner of Food Owned By Oxford (FOBO).

Among those taking part was Miriam Guastalla, 23, of South Oxford, who has been involved in Abundance Oxford since October. The group shares people’s surplus produce and passes it on to those who need it.

Miss Guastalla was showing birdfeeders at the event. She said: “It was really nice because there was so much going on and there was some positive energy behind it.”