THREE horses took an unusual brunch break with their riders yesterday.

A group from the Old Manor House Riding School in North Hinksey Lane were forced to hit the city streets.

The journey was made due to boggy conditions in the fields where they usually amble.

They were seen heading across the bridge on the footpath to North Hinksey Village at 10am.

Odessa was riden by Ayles Ergeneli, Mr P by Vicky Scott-Taylor and Eli by school owner Garry Donnelly.

Miss Scott-Taylor, 35, from Wytham, said the smell of bacon sandwiches from the Osney Mead Industrial Estate attracted the group to the area.

She said: “We don’t normally stop off. But after the recent floods we don’t have anywhere to ride. So we have been forced out on to the roads.

“The fields have been closed off and it has had a huge impact on our grazing.”