SNOW may be on the way... but daffodils are blooming in Oxford.

Flowers have sprung up on the grass verge outside St Gregory and Augustine Church in Woodstock Road, Oxford.

Former church gardener Tom Morris, of Godstow Road, pictured, said daffodils blooming in January was less of a surprise than many might think.

Mr Morris, 78, said: “They appeared a fortnight ago but they have been coming out into full bloom over the last week.

“I’m used to it now. If they don’t come up in early January I have a word with them and say a prayer over them.”

Daffodils most commonly bloom in March and April.

But they might not survive long as an easterly breeze came in last night, strengthening and making the temperature increasingly cold.

Today is due to be cloudy but the forecast snow looks set to hold off except on higher ground.

Sarah Holland, spokesman for the Met Office, said: “As you know we’re seeing some colder temperatures coming in the next few days.

“Over the weekend the risk of snow is not looking too bad but there is a possibility that you may see a bit of sleet coming in the morning.

“If you are going to see any snow it will be on higher ground.

“The real chance of snow is going to be on Monday. That is looking most likely. You could see some wintry showers and possibly snow in the afternoon.”

Picture: OX56664 Damian Halliwell