AN “INSPIRATIONAL” 13-year-old pupil is being remembered with a special prayer room at her East Oxford school.

Oxford Spires Academy pupil Lydia Price passed away suddenly from heart failure in January.

Following the tragedy, her family stumbled across a list of her aspirations and dreams hidden away on her mobile phone.

And as the anniversary of her death on January 23 approaches, her school is opening a Christian prayer room for pupils to remember her and think about their lives.

Headteacher Sue Croft said: “The reflection room is a place where students can go to remember Lydia and remember the qualities she stood for, to find peace and to reflect about themselves and their beliefs.

“It’s a very fitting tribute for a truly wonderful student.”

The room is to be equipped with £1,300 worth of furnishings including bean bags, lava lamps, and rugs. It will also feature a photograph of Lydia and her long list of ambitions.

The school secured cash from the Thomas Dawson Education Trust.

Daphne James, assistant principal and the academy’s director of community liaison, said: “It’s a very calm, beautiful space.

“We thought it was appropriate and timely. Lydia had so many dreams and aspirations for her life and one of her interests was the belief in god.”

While Lydia’s family are still waiting to hear what caused the year nine youngster’s sudden heart failure they say they have taken comfort in the support shown by the school and her friends.

Her sister Erin Daniels, 23, of Jordan Hill, off Banbury Road, welcomed the new prayer room.

She said: “It gives us a lot of comfort and somewhere to go and remember her by.

“It is touching the way people speak about her. I don’t think she realised how popular she really was. The support we have had since she passed away has been a real comfort to our family.”

She added: “She inspires me everyday. She has left a legacy. She is a big inspiration to a lot of us.

“In a way it makes that loss a bit worse because she wanted to do so much.”

Lydia also left behind mother Kate Daniels, 39, sister Luvenia Price, 20, and her dad Michael Price, of Herschel Crescent, Littlemore.

The school is also to award the Lydia Price Memorial Trophy next month to a student who demonstrates her qualities next month. Lydia also played the guitar and the school has launched an annual scholarship for lessons in her name. Head girl Siobhan McCluskey, 17, was awarded the first scholarship in July.