All the flood barriers have been taken down across Oxford as river levels continue to drop.

The aluminium flood defence barriers around Osney Island were dismantled by the Environment Agency yesterday.

Barriers around Hinksey Lake were removed on Monday and those on Bullstake Close manned by the city council were taken down on Sunday.

More than 400m of barriers were constructed along the river on Osney Island and 300m at Hinksey Park.

Only 11 flood alerts remain across the county, downgraded from flood warnings.

Keith Hutchence, spokesman for the Environment Agency, said: “We hope to remove the flood alerts towards the end of the week too.

“We are now going back to normality although the river still looks very high and fast. We are expecting just a little rain towards the end of the week but we don’t expect that to be much of a threat.”

The barriers on Osney were not in the end needed to keep the water back.

Mr Hutchence said: “It was the Hinksey barriers which did hold some water back. We didn’t want there to be a case of too little too late, and it is also the case that the barriers were some comfort for the residents.”

The barriers costing £180,000 were brought in 2008 after flooding in 2007.