WOLVERCOTE residents have been sleeping a little better lately since some of the area’s potholes have been fixed.

Mere Road had been blighted by potholes — including the ones inset – some of them reaching up to two metres in length and they had been getting visibly bigger.

The road was in such a poor state of repair that villagers complained to Oxford City Council that every time a bus went over the potholes their houses shook. Even items on shelves and tables would move.

Residents said the problem had been made worse by the fact that cars were parked along one side of the road, meaning all traffic was using the same side.

Mere Road resident Linda Williams said: “The repairs have made a huge difference.

“Each time a bus drove past the house would shake but now it is quiet and peaceful.”

City councillor Mike Gotch, pictured front with fellow councillor Jean Fooks and residents, said: “It is not a long-term fix because the costs of digging up the road and relaying it would have run into tens of thousands of pounds.

“But they found the funds to do some repairs which will last a good while until the council can afford a longer term fix.”

Picture: OX55200 Richard Cave