A CAMPAIGN to unite a community divided by a busy road in South Oxford has finally succeeded after two decades of campaigning.

For 20 years people in Weirs Lane have been calling for a zebra crossing across the busy road.

Now Oxfordshire County Council has agreed to install one.

John Tanner, who represents the area for the council, said: “The situation is that for more than 20 years I and many others have been campaigning for a safe pedestrian crossing there.

“It is a very busy road and very difficult for pedestrians to cross, particularly the elderly and children.

“The road really divides that community.

“There are a lot of friends and a lot of people who are related and they cannot get across the road at many times of the day.

“It will be a huge improvement.”

In April the county council sent out letters to people in the area asking for their feedback.

Mr Tanner said he and county councillor for Isis, Chip Sherwood, will be paying for the zebra crossing out of the council’s localities fund, which has money available for projects in their ward.

The crossing will be installed about 25 metres south west of the junction of Weirs Lane with Canning Crescent and Fox Crescent.

Lilian Sherwood, who lives in Fox Crescent, has been collecting signatures on a petition trying to encourage the council to put the zebra crossing in.

She said: “It will make a big difference.

“It would not actually be for me because I am quite able-bodied but it is for the safety of the children and the elderly people.

“Weirs Lane is very busy. You are getting a lot of people who use it instead of the ring road, cutting through from Iffley Road to Abingdon Road.

“When the Tesco store opens in the Fox and Hounds it will bring even more traffic.”

County council spokesman Owen Morton said: “The localities fund has been made available by the council for all members to take forward small-scale highways projects in their local areas, in consultation with the local community.”