TWO sculptors are busy putting the final touches to work based on family life in Woodstock, in readiness for the start of the town’s art festival.

Amanda Bonfiglioli, who lives on a narrowboat on the Oxford Canal, and Godfrey Phillips, from Hertfordshire, will be showing their exhibit, The End of the Pier Show, at Art in Woodstock 2012, which runs from Saturday until Sunday, November 4.

The pair, pictured, exhibited separately at the 2009 event, where they met, and are now working together at the sixth annual event, at which 50 local, national and international artists will exhibit their work at various locations around the town.

Mr Phillips said: “It is a really great place to show work and the whole atmosphere is really nice — everybody is really friendly and it is quite exciting.

“The End of the Pier Show features six pieces representing a group of itinerant perfomers, and is carved in ash wood or oak and painted. I carve them and Amanda paints them.”

It can be seen in the Oxfordshire Museum Sculpture Quart in Park Street.

Picture: Ox55085 Jon Lewis

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