LORRAINE Wicks, far left, has built frosted forts, a sugary Spanish galleon and several spaceships. But it all started with a hedgehog.

Mother-of-two Mrs Wicks is a master in the art of sugarcraft – sculpting with sugar.

She always wanted to learn cake decorating, so she took a three-year course and now teaches with the British Sugarcraft Guild’s Isis branch in Oxford.

Mrs Wicks, from Kidlington, said: “My first ever cake was a hedgehog for my son’s first birthday.

“One of my sons was into rugby and one was into the Pet Shop Boys, so I made cakes on both those themes.”

On Saturday, Margaret Latham, also pictured, showed the Isis branch of the guild how to make the perfect sugar poppy, at the Regal Community Centre in Ridgefield Road, East Oxford. Mrs Latham, a retired nursing sister from Carterton, said: “Everything has to be edible, except the wires which keep the shape of the petals.”

The Isis branch is holding an open day at Cowley Temple shopping arcade on Saturday, November 17.

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